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Used by professional diplomats to learn languages for overseas postings, the FSI language courses are some of the world's most in-depth and thorough courses.

They have unrivalled amounts of audio and text instruction. These courses took their students to fluency in a number of months.

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What are the FSI language courses?

The Foreign Service Institute is responsible for training and placing diplomats around the world to service the United States’ interest.

Diplomats are expected to have working proficiency in the language of their posted country. The FSI goes to great lengths the ensure that they have the necessary learning to do so.

The FSI language courses are thorough in-depth language courses produced by the FSI to train their diplomats. These courses are in the public domain.

Language course textbook covers

The most popular course for example, the Spanish Basic course is regarded as one of the most thorough and comprehensive Spanish courses in the world.

Over 59 hours of spoken audio, 55 modules and 2,496 pages of instruction. It would take students 6 months of full-time study to complete this course.

The courses are comprised of downloadable audio mp3 files and PDF textbooks for the instructions.

About this site

Hey, I’m Darren and I run this website.

Firstly, I am not affiliated with the Foreign Service Institute in anyway.

I run this website to provide you with the FSI Language Courses for download. I am a language learner myself, but also a software engineer.

I’m working to digitize these courses into a usable web app that can be used on mobile, tablet and PC. So you don’t have to suffer the long, slow downloads and can use the courses on the go.

Spanish Headstart for Latin America