FSI Language Course Mission

The dream behind FSI language courses

Why use FSI Language Courses when there already exists several other host websites?

The FSI Language Courses website combines my two passions. Languages and web development.

There are several websites already hosting these courses. Why do we need another one? Well....we don't. However, what we do need is a better way to work with these excellent in-depth materials in a modern way.

What is needed to improve the courses?

  • Documented and community support on how to use the materials (for beginners)
  • Access on mobile and tablet
  • Ease of navigation with the course materials (indexing and progress recording).
  • Additional content to support effective learning (quizzes / tests)
  • Highlighting words/expressions that are now obsolete
  • Ease of interaction (replay words / sections)
  • Remastering of the audio
  • Supplementary audio

I can provide all of this. I am working to produce a duo-lingo style application that will be based around the FSI course materials. This is a massive task and not one that I am taking on lightly. If you wish to contribute somehow, please read the page contribution here.

The below link is a video/screencast of the prototype I'm developing. Please note that it is changing all the time, so designs are different almost every week.

FSI Language Web App Screencast

Below is a screenshot of the prototype I am developing...note that it is not yet complete or live.

fsi prototype