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What is the FSI Yoruba Basic Course?

This FSI Yoruba course begins with an extensive collection of tone drills to help the learner master this challenging aspect of the language. Following this, there are a further 49 units consisting of dialogs that introduce vocabulary and new aspects of the Yoruba language.

Unfortunately, the student text that is supposed to accompany the audio recordings is not currently available, making this course less practical to use in its current form than it would otherwise have been.

How was FSI Yoruba Basic originally used?

FSI Yoruba was originally created for US diplomatic staff who were preparing for postings in areas where Yoruba is spoken.

They attended around six hours of classes per day, during which they spoke only Yoruba, and this was followed up by a further two hours of individual study.

Even outside of class, they were encouraged to speak Yoruba among themselves, so that after only around six months of learning, they were able to acquire a sufficiently advanced level in the language to perform the duties necessary for their roles abroad.

How can you use FSI Yoruba Basic?

Since the text accompanying the course is currently unavailable, the audio recordings alone will be of limited use, and if you have no other coursebook to refer to, you won’t be able to make much progress using just these materials.

However, if you have other resources to study, the tone drills may be useful in helping you master the pronunciation of Yoruba, and if you already have some basic Yoruba, the dialogs can also be used to work on your listening skills.

Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to locate the accompanying text and upload it to the site, which will make this course more useful to those who have no access to any other Yoruba course materials.

Taking it further

If you want to learn Yoruba, whether with this free Yoruba course or with any other resources you have available, you will need to take your language skills out into the real world and try them out.

Look for native Yoruba speakers who can help you practice and make sure you take every opportunity to practice your Yoruba. Above all, make using Yoruba a part of your daily life, because when you do this, you will see that your abilities in this language really start to improve.



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