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What is the FSI Written Arabic Course?

FSI Written Arabic is made up of three modules. Before starting the first module, you should already be familiar with Arabic script and how to pronounce it, and a basic knowledge of a spoken Arabic dialect is also a big advantage.

As you work through the three modules, you deal with increasingly complex texts that highlight how the formal written language functions in terms of vocabulary and grammar.

The first two modules are accompanied by audio recordings while the third consists solely of longer Arabic texts for you to read.

The whole course consists of 96 units, and completing them all will give you a high level of competence in Modern Standard Written Arabic.

How was the FSI Written Arabic originally used?

FSI courses were originally designed for US diplomatic staff who were preparing for postings abroad. The FSI Written Arabic course would have been taken by those who were getting ready for positions throughout the Arab-speaking world and who required a knowledge of the formal written language as well as competency in the local dialect spoken where they were being sent.

Students taking the course were expected to study and prepare each lesson before class. Having mastered the new language presented in the unit beforehand, their teacher would then check they had assimilated and understood the everything correctly.

In this way, through an intensive program of study, the students would be able to reach a high level of competency in Modern Written Arabic in a relatively short time.

How can you use the FSI Written Arabic Course?

You won’t be able to recreate the perfect study conditions enjoyed by US diplomats, but if you already have some knowledge of Arabic, this free written Arabic course will be of much use if you want to begin working on the formal literary version of the language.

This course is suitable for autonomous study, and you can simply work through the units yourself, practicing the reading, repeating the recordings and reading the notes for each section.

If you are taking Arabic classes with a teacher, you will also be able to ask any questions that arise from this course, and they should be able to help you.

However, for those looking to start learning Arabic from scratch, this is probably not the best place to begin.

Taking it further

Since this is a literary or formal version of the language, it isn’t something you will be able to practice speaking so easily since it isn’t a language that people use in their day-to-day lives.

However, once you begin to make progress in written Arabic, you will be able to find plenty of texts and other reading materials that match your level, helping you to progress in Modern Written Arabic even faster.

Volume 1

This material is hosted at this address: Al3arabiyaa

A full copy of the material (full archive, ogg, epub format and other documents) is kepted here: A3arabiyaa local copy

Student Text

Lesson 01 Tape Lesson 11 Tape Lesson 17 - 2 Tape Lesson 22 - 2 Tape
Lesson 02 Tape Lesson 12 Tape Lesson 18 - 1 Tape Lesson 23 - 1 Missing
Lesson 03 Tape Lesson 13 - 1 Tape Lesson 18 - 2 Tape Lesson 23 - 2 Tape
Lesson 04 Tape Lesson 13 - 2 Tape Lesson 19 - 1 Tape Lesson 24 - 1 Missing
Lesson 05 Tape Lesson 14 Missing Lesson 19 - 2 Tape Lesson 24 - 2 Tape
Lesson 06 Tape Lesson 15 - 1 Missing Lesson 20 - 1 Tape Lesson 25 Tape
Lesson 07 Tape Lesson 15 - 2 Tape Lesson 20 - 2 Tape Lesson 26 Tape
Lesson 08 Missing Lesson 16 - 1 Missing Lesson 21 - 1 Tape Lesson 27 Tape
Lesson 09 Tape Lesson 16 - 2 Tape Lesson 21 - 2 Tape Lesson 28 Tape
Lesson 10 Missing Lesson 17 - 1 Tape Lesson 22 - 1 Tape Lesson 29 Tape
Lesson 30 Tape Review - 1 Tape Review - 2 Tape

Volume 2

Student Text

Lesson 33 Tape Lesson 41 Tape Lesson 49 Tape Lesson 57 Tape
Lesson 34 Tape Lesson 42 Tape Lesson 50 Tape Lesson 58 Tape
Lesson 35 Tape Lesson 43 Tape Lesson 51 Tape Lesson 59 Tape
Lesson 36 Tape Lesson 44 Tape Lesson 52 Tape Lesson 60 Tape
Lesson 37 Tape Lesson 45 Tape Lesson 53 Tape Lesson 61 Tape
Lesson 38 Tape Lesson 46 Tape Lesson 54 Tape Lesson 62 Tape
Lesson 39 Tape Lesson 47 Tape Lesson 55 Tape Lesson 63 Tape
Lesson 40 Tape Lesson 48 Tape Lesson 56 Tape Lesson 64 Tape

Volume 3

Student Text