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What is Spanish Headstart for Latin America?

The Headstart courses were originally created by the US Defense Language Institute for serving military personnel who needed to learn the languages of the countries where they were posted. They aim to give you the language required for everyday interactions, allowing you to communicate effectively in the kind situations you are likely to find yourself in the country.

Spanish Headstart for Latin America consists of four modules of two to four units each. At the beginning of each module, you will find a list of the objectives for that module. After this, each unit begins with a conversation that presents the new language to be learned. This is then followed by a series of exercises designed to let you practice the language until you have mastered the new vocabulary and structures.

The course is also accompanied by an audio recording, which is an essential component of the materials. It gives you examples of correct pronunciation to copy, guides you through the exercises and gives you all the instructions you need to complete the course.

Finally, the course also includes an introduction to Latin America that provides an overview of the region, including the culture and customs you are likely to encounter there.

How can you use Spanish Headstart for Latin America?

Since the Headstart courses were designed for self-study, you can work through the materials as they are with no need to adapt them. With Spanish Headstart for Latin America, you should study the four modules in order, starting with Module 1 and finishing with Module 4. All the instructions you need are contained within the audio for each unit.

At the end of each unit, there is a section called “Say in Spanish”, which prepares you for the Self-Evaluation Quiz. If you can complete “Say in Spanish” with no problems, you can test yourself with the quiz. There is also a final test at the end of the course.

The course is designed to be flexible, and you should work through at your own pace. The instructions include some guidelines, but the best way to study is whatever is best for you. If you find that something works, then just keep doing it.

Since these materials were designed for military personnel, you will find that there is a lot of vocabulary related to the military. However, you don’t need to try to remember all of this – instead, you should just try to focus on the language you think will be most useful for you.

Studying this course is not a race, and you don’t get extra points for finishing it quickly. Rather, you should focus on mastering the language, taking as long as you need to achieve this. However, as a guideline, completing the course will take most people around 30-40 hours.

Taking it further

However you decide to study, you can never become proficient in a language through books alone. This means that as soon as you can, you should look for opportunities to use your new Spanish skills in the real world. Try to find native speakers to practice with, making Spanish a part of your daily life. If you have the chance to travel to Latin America, take every chance to speak Spanish with the locals – and when you do this, you will see how much Spanish you have already learned.

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