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What is the FSI Nepali Course?

This course consists of 30 units that introduce the basics of the Nepali language. Unfortunately, the materials are not currently available, so at present, it is impossible to provide further details. Hopefully, these materials will become available in the future, at which time I will upload them to the site.

How was FSI Nepali Course originally used?

These materials were originally created to provide US diplomatic staff basic training in the Nepali language to prepare them for postings abroad.

After studying the 30 units that make up the course, students would have been ready to deal with a range of simple interactions that they would expect to meet while living and working in Nepal or other areas where the language is spoken.

How can you use the FSI Nepali Course?

Since the student text is missing and the audio recordings don’t function correctly, in its current form, this course can’t be used for studying Nepali.

However, I hope that in the future, I will be able to upload the complete course for anybody with an interest in learning this language.

Taking it further

However you go about learning Nepali, you won’t be able to master the language without practicing it. This means you need to take your budding language skills out into the real world and put them to use.

Look for native Nepali speakers to practice with and try to use their language to communicate with them as much as possible. Above all, try to make using Nepali a part of your daily life – because when you do this, you will begin to see how quickly your level in Nepali starts to improve.