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What is the FSI Kirundi Basic Course?

This FSI Kirundi course was designed as a short introduction to the fundamentals of the Kirundi language.

It is made up of 30 units consisting of dialogs that present the new language and drills that give you the chance to practice what you learn.

Each unit is also accompanied by audio recordings that allow you to work on your pronunciation and speaking skills (unfortunately the recording for Unit 30 is currently unavailable).

Despite the difficulties associated with this language, by working through this course, you will be able to acquire a good grounding in Kirundi, allowing you to continue building your knowledge of the tongue through further practice.

How was FSI Kirundi Basic originally used?

This course was created to give US diplomatic staff a foundation in the language before being sent to areas where Kirundi is spoken.

They attended six hours of classes per day, which they supplemented by a further two hours of individual study.

They spoke only Kirundi during class time, and even outside of lessons, they were supposed to speak Kirundi among themselves. In this way, in only a short amount of time, they were able to acquire the necessary level of Kirundi to function in their positions abroad.

How can you use FSI Kirundi Basic?

Although you can’t benefit from the perfect language learning environment enjoyed by US diplomats, you can gain a good knowledge of the language through this free Kirundi course. If you have access to another coursebook, you can use these materials to supplement your study.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a primary study resource, this course would be a great place to start – especially since this is not a language with an abundance of other available study materials.

Taking it further

Whichever study materials you have available, you won’t be able to learn Kirundi without practicing it. This is why, as soon as possible, I urge you to look for native speakers who can help you practice your Kirundi.

Try to find ways to incorporate speaking Kirundi into your daily life, and very quickly you will find you are making rapid progress despite the initial difficulties associated with this challenging tongue.