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What is FSI Greek Basic?

FSI Greek Basic is a comprehensive course that will provide you with a solid foundation in the modern language.

The course was first published in 1967, meaning it is a little dated now. It comes from a time before the “Greek language question” had been resolved and Demotic Greek was declared the official version of the Greek language, but it still contains a wealth of materials that can be used to learn the tongue.

Like other FSI Basic courses, it is a rich source of dialogs, drills, and audio recordings, all of which can help you master this fascinating language.

How was FSI Greek originally used?

The FSI Greek course was originally created to help US diplomatic staff prepare for postings in the country.

They would study these materials as part of an intensive course that involved six hours of class time per day as well as two additional hours of personal study.

In class, they were expected to speak only Greek, and even among themselves, they were encouraged to use Greek to communicate at all times. In this way, in only around six months, they were able to acquire the necessary level of language required to carry out their duties abroad.

How can you use FSI Greek Basic?

Although it will be impossible for most people to recreate anything like the environment of an intensive FSI course, it is still possible to make use of the materials to help you achieve mastery of the language. If you are already studying Greek, the dialogs and drills can be a valuable tool for practicing your listening and fluency while also growing your vocabulary.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a free online Greek course, you can use it as your primary study resource, to be supplemented by whatever other study materials you have available.

For further details on how to make the best use FSI Basic courses, please check out our accompanying post here for more study tips and advice.

Taking it further

Of course, your goal in learning Greek is to use the language to converse with native speakers, and as soon as you can, we encourage you to take the Greek you have learned out into the real world and try it out.

It is only when you begin to use Greek in your daily life to speak with your Greek friends in their native tongue that you will really start to appreciate the progress you are making. And once you begin to do that, you will see how quickly your Greek improves.

Volume 1

Student Text

Unit 01 Tape Unit 16 Tape Unit 09 Tape Unit 24 Tape
Unit 02 Tape Unit 17 Tape Unit 10 Tape Unit 25 Tape
Unit 03 Tape Unit 18 Tape Unit 11 Tape Review of Units 01-05 Tape
Unit 04 Tape Unit 19 Tape Unit 12 Tape Review of Units 06-10 Tape
Unit 05 Tape Unit 20 Tape Unit 13 Tape Review of Units 11-15 Tape
Unit 06 Tape Unit 21 Tape Unit 14 Tape Review of Units 16-20 Tape
Unit 07 Tape Unit 22 Tape Unit 15 Tape Review of Units 21-25 Tape
Unit 08 Tape Unit 23 Tape

Volume 2

Student Text

Unit 26 Tape Unit 37 Tape Unit 48 Tape
Unit 27 Tape Unit 38 Tape Unit 49 Tape
Unit 28 Tape Unit 39 Tape Unit 50 Tape
Unit 29 Tape Unit 40 Tape Review of Units 26-30 Tape
Unit 30 Tape Unit 41 Tape Review of Units 31-35 Tape
Unit 31 Tape Unit 42 Tape Review of Units 36-40 Tape
Unit 32 Tape Unit 43 Tape    
Unit 33 Tape Unit 44 Tape    
Unit 34 Missing Tape Unit 45 Tape    
Unit 35 Missing Tape Unit 46 Tape    
Unit 36 Tape Unit 47 Tape    

Volume 3

Student Text

Unit 51 Tape Unit 60 Tape Unit 69 Tape
Unit 52 Tape Unit 61 Tape Unit 70 Tape
Unit 53 Tape Unit 62 Tape Unit 71 Tape
Unit 54 Tape Unit 63 Tape Unit 72 Tape
Unit 55 Tape Unit 64 Tape Unit 73 Tape
Unit 56 Tape Unit 65 Tape Unit 74 Tape
Unit 57 Tape Unit 66 Tape Unit 75 Tape
Unit 58 Tape Unit 67 Tape Unit 75a Tape
Unit 59 Tape Unit 68 Tape